Our Dream | Fine Christening Baby Wear

Hey there!

Wondering who we are?

Based in southern New South Wales, we have a small team of volunteers, who are passionate about bringing finery to your little one's special occasion, whether it be a christening, baptism or wedding.


We're small. You'll like it.


And what we do?

We've clothed hundreds of tiny hands, heads, and feet in gorgeous handmade baby wear. 

We're not your average baby wear shop - a lot of our range can no longer be found in today's baby wear shops. Our items are more than just clothes, each handmade item is lovingly made to incorporate some of the finest traditions in crochet and knitwear.

Exquisite crocheted wraps, dainty booties, vintage bonnets and cosy pixie hoods. But don't take our word for it... check it out yourself!


So how did we start?

Petite and Precious was born to honour the finery of traditional christening baby wear. 

Today fine hand skills such as silk crocheting and knitting are rare. Modern ranges are often missing that look of exquisite elegance that a home made item offers.

We wanted to make these ranges available to those who are looking for truly luxurious baby wear. So we teamed up with experienced and talented crocheters to bring it to your doorstep.


What is our dream?

We're a part a fundraising branch for a school in New South Wales. All profits are directed to educating our future generations. 

Our volunteers are inspired by a vision of providing our students with the best opportunities.

Thank you for supporting a big dream by buying small.