What colours best suit my baby's skin tone?

  When you hear someone say:
'Boy, that really brings out his eyes'
Or.... 'Doesn't her hair go so well with that colour?'
Or .... 'Oh, it looks just divine with that complexion'
Do you wonder what they are talking about? How do they know if pastels or heavy warm shades suit best?

I have! Turns out, that it often comes back to skin tones. They can often make the difference between good and great looks, average and awesome outfits, so-so and stunning style.

So... We made a handy guide to help figure out this confusing skin tone topic! The graphics below will help you: 
1. Identify the main features of the common skin tone groups, and 
2. Match recommended colour palettes with each skin tone.

People often ask:

Does this mean that my child can't look good in colours outside their recommended colours?
No Way! Don't let yourself be limited by this guide. Instead we hope that knowing colours that make those lil cheeks pop, will make your colour coordination decisions so much easier!

What if none of the skin tones listed match my child's complexion?
No fear, they won't be the only one. No one will match exactly, and some may be a mixture of more than one.
Baby skin tone guide and colour recommendation


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