Caring for delicate crochet work.

Our hand crocheted wraps and baby wear deserve some Tender Loving Care! Here are some tips on how to ensure that your purchase is given the best care to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Note: If you have ordered a custom product, materials and colouring may vary. Ensure you know the fabric type and the care needed, as it may vary depending on colouring and fibre content. If in doubt, send us an email - we'll be glad to help out!


Gentle hand wash in tepid water. Do not wash with coloured items.


Drip Dry. Hang the product as evenly as possible to prevent drape marks. Do not tumble dry... ever!


After washing the fabric and crochet may crumple. Iron with a cool iron using a pressing cloth between the iron and product. If your pressing cloth is thick, you may need to use a moderate iron.


Do not snag or cause the crochet work to weight bear. That sounds pretty obvious but it can happen without too much effort! Keep the ends of your wrap away from pram wheels, high heels and all things spiky.

Removing Stains:

Stains caused by baby sick in particular, can be a problem - especially if you have a white wrap. If at all possible remove stains immediately by rinsing with tepid water and gently pressing the fabric/crochet work. 

If the above step does not have effect, add vinegar to the water and rinse.

Eek…It’s shrunk!

When washing the crochet work can dry crumpled, creating a shrunk effect. Following our steps for ironing and your product should return to its original size.

Aaah.... some crochetwork has come loose!

The fine crochet work can be damaged if snagged and pulled. Lay the product flat in a safe spot, without further undoing the crocheting. If the damage is minimal and does not break the pattern, simply use a needle or boddin to tie the ends of the thread back into the crochet work.

If it looks tricky or a hole is beginning to develop - set up a DO NOT TOUCH sign to ward off any helpful people and send us an image! We'll get our pro crocheters to check it out!

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